Setting out on a culinary journey is not just about savoring exotic flavors; it’s an opportunity to embrace diverse cultures and traditions. When it comes to food, different countries often have unique names for their beloved dishes, causing some delightful confusion. I learned this first-hand on my recent trip to Portugal (see #5 below). This week, we will delve into five typical food dishes from around the world and learn how their terms hold distinct meanings in their respective countries compared to the United States.

Culinary Inspiration

November 11, 2023

Lost in Translation: Discover the True Meanings Behind These Popular Global Delicacies

People often wonder why I’m so passionate about food travel.  Well, the biggest reason is that I firmly believe that culture and cuisine go hand in hand, creating a vibrant tapestry of flavors, traditions, and stories. The culinary landscape of a region is often a reflection of its rich cultural heritage. This week, I’d like to delve into the fascinating link between culture and cuisine, exploring how they influence and enrich each other.

Luxury Travel

September 9, 2023

Gastronomy Travel: How Culture and Cuisine are Intertwined

8 Authentic Portuguese Dishes You Need to Try Portugal is a country steeped in culture, and its cuisine is no exception. With its unique blend of flavors, textures, and styles, a culinary tour of Portugal is a must for any food adventurer. From seafood stew to custard tarts, Portuguese dishes are as varied as they […]

Luxury Travel

January 21, 2023

A Culinary Tour of Portugal: