Group Travel

You have to admit, not only is traveling in a group safer, but it’s also much more fun to explore new destinations, cultures, and cuisines with other people. Nothing enhances a long-distance friendship like navigating a new country together, language barrier and all.

Solo travelers also benefit greatly by joining a group since they can save on solo supplements and have people to share experiences with.

Planning Group Travel is Complicated

As fun as traveling in a group is, planning travel for a group can be extraordinarily complicated and time-consuming. If you’ve ever tried to coordinate plans with more than 2 people, you already know how stressful it can be and how hard it is to please everyone. 


Why choose Premiere Luxury Travel as your group travel specialist?

Leaving the planning in our expert hands can eliminate the hassle of juggling all the details and make the process more fun and exciting. From small to large groups, we simplify all the logistics of booking your group travel and ensure that your journey is customized to everyone’s travel needs and interests. 

We Take Care of Everything

Premiere Luxury Travel makes planning a group trip absolutely effortless for you. Sit back and relax as we take care of the entire planning process -- from researching and booking every travel component to communicating the details with each group member.

We spare you from the stress of planning and executing the group trip, so you can focus on what matters most: connecting with one another in the world’s most fabulous places and doing whatever it is you love the most together. 


Your Vacation is Completely Customized

Every group’s travel goals and needs are different. That’s why we custom craft your itinerary, with an eye toward bond-building activities and experiences tailored to your travelers’ unique passions. As your group travel agency, we offer you one-of-a-kind travel experiences customized for your group. Our expert knowledge and highly-vetted travel partners mean that every journey is unique.


VIP Extras 

As your luxury group travel agency, we will get the exclusive perks of booking in numbers: from exclusive amenities and special rates to fabulous upgrades, wherever possible.


 Insider Access & Unmatched Local Presence

Leveraging first-hand experiences and our countless trusted travel partners in destination gives you insider access and an unmatched level of luxury, bringing you rare destinations and adventures.



Types of Groups 

Whether you are the matriarch of a family, a business owner, or the head of a non-profit organization, traveling in a group helps you connect with your community in a significant and meaningful way. 

Here are some examples of the types of groups we work with:


The best way to celebrate life’s memorable milestones is with the people who matter most to you. A first-class vacation is the best way to celebrate life’s special moments, and celebrating these milestones is more memorable at a fabulous destination. How much more fun would it be to explore the world and make unforgettable memories with the special people in your life?

Examples of these types of trips include:

A family reunion at a private villa in Italy, taking in Rome’s sites or exploring a location related to your family’s heritage.

A bachelor or bachelorette party in Las Vegas or Nashville.

A girls golf trip or guys fishing getaway.

Businesses Building Loyalty with their Customers 

From wineries taking club members on wine-related river cruises to distilleries taking clientele through Scottish Whisky distilleries to yoga instructors taking select patrons on a private yoga retreat, business group travel can be the perfect way to build strong loyalty among your audience, not to mention a possible additional revenue stream.

 Curious? Contact us now to find out how!

Affinity Groups 

Do you belong to a fraternal organization, alumni association, or a pickleball, gourmet, golf, book, or wine club? If so, you already know how amazing it is to hang out with others who share your interests. Not only will you get to plan a dream trip with like-minded people, but you’ll also enjoy a few incentives along the way — often, if you gather a group of 10 travelers, the 11th travels FREE!

Some examples include:

Book clubs taking members to literary-inspired locations like seeing England through the eyes of Jane Austen or a Harry Potter walking tour through Edinburgh, Scotland

Military Associations taking members to Normandy to visit the hallowed grounds of D-Day

Sports car club enthusiasts traveling together to Europe’s exceptional car museums 

Gourmet groups breaking bread in a renowned foodie destination like Tuscany or Barcelona.

Expedition cruise to Africa, Antarctica, or Alaska with your photography club

Non-Profit Organization 

Experiencing an incredible destination with like-minded travelers from your non-profit organization can be a great way to connect with your benefactors. A group trip can also be a great way to raise money for your non-profit – we can show you how!

Simply choose your destination and leave the details to us!

Corporate Groups

Whether it’s an annual off-site business meeting or incentive trip for your sales team to reward them for a job well done, traveling with your staff allows them to cut loose and make incredible memories together. That can lead to a more harmonious workplace and even improve the firm’s long-term employee retention numbers.

Employees are most productive when feeling refreshed, so why not offer them a retreat and come back even more motivated to succeed? Take the whole team to an all-inclusive resort in the Caribbean or on a fun cruise to Alaska for an exciting bonding exercise with fun excursions, or give the department a relaxing break. No matter the meeting, we will find your ideal getaway and resort to a completely customized itinerary.  

Happy Travelers

Working with Shannon was amazing! After a brief conversation of my trip goals, she presented me with an incredible itinerary. I love the detailed thought and preparations invested in my trip, the excitement she had for me, and her personal experiences shared. I look forward to the next trip Shannon can plan for me! This was a 5 star experience (5/5)!

- Dede  P

- Tamara A

Shannon is amazing to work with. I am a very experienced traveler and very picky and Shannon was patient with me and sorted out all the things I asked of her. She has access to many things I was not even aware of. Amazing! 

- Holly M

She’s the best! Our trip to Spain was masterfully planned with different ages and abilities all taken care of.

- Laura L

She helped a very busy mom plan a last minute surprise trip for all things Disney for 2 weeks from now! We are industrious travelers and Disney was next level. Give her a call— she is a miracle worker.

- Alicia L

My husband and I were celebrating our 30th wedding anniversary and wanted to experience Napa Valley and Sonoma, California. We reached out to Shannon and she created our trip from her vast knowledge of wine country. Everything was laid out on a perfect daily agenda with just the right amount of time for each tasting and culinary delight.  Our trip was a total delight all due to Shannon’s amazing attention to detail! We look forward to her planning our next adventure!

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