As this latest edition of Virtuoso Travel Week concluded, ten exceptional choices emerged from the constellation of options, each sparkling like a gem in the travel firmament. This week, we will uncover what makes these first five properties (yes, I consider a cruise ship to be a floating hotel whose “property” is wherever they dock) the epitome of extraordinary, setting the tone for a new era in luxury travel.

Luxury Travel

August 26, 2023

My Top 10 Amazing Takeaways from Virtuoso Travel Week 2023 (part 1)

The pandemic threw all of our travel plans in turmoil last year.  As people started coming out of their COVID-hibernation, many wondered if it was safe to travel again.  I set off on a journey to find places my clients could go where social distancing a given, where we could still enjoy without fear of catching the […]

Luxury Travel

November 22, 2020

Want to unplug and get away from it all? This is the place!